Monday, October 29, 2012

Crumpler in store broadsheet

Crumpler are now publishing an awesome in store broadsheet which not only did I shoot the "Live Fast Die Old" campaign for but it also features an interview with me.
Here are a few pics of the broadsheet, go in store and pic one up!

Winner of the Desktop Create Award for Photography

Recently I accepted the award for the photography section of the Desktop Create Awards. My entry was the editorial photography I did for the New York Issue of T-world journal.
Shooting this project was an incredible experience and a huge thankyou must go to Eddie Zammit from T-world for not only hiring me to take the photos, but for being one of my strongest influences and inspirations.

Monday, October 8, 2012

Crumpler - Soho New York

Recently I had the great honour of having a selection of my travel photography displayed in the new Crumpler store in Soho, New York City as well as a photo of Bondi printed on the back wall!.

I've been using Crumpler photography bags for a while now, the Mild Enthusiast and the new Flaked Extravaganza are my favourites and the Industry Disgrace I wouldn't be without. Go check them out here!